What's about it

What's about it

Four Corners Alliance Group provides a full automatic system with a genius compensationsplan. 
Thousands of people around the world joins this awesome business opportunity every month.

$8 enrollment Fee and $20 for your first ebook "financial literacy" with insider knowledge. Learn all about money which you were never been teached at school!
And all what you need to start your affiliate business (store, lead funnel, marketing...) is for free in the back office.
Weekly payout since 2013

Normally everybody needs 4 members to fill the matrix. 
This is the part we do for you and for every who joins under you. 
The 100% matchingbonus allows us to earn pretty much money.

A filled matrix will give you $575,000+ with a one time $28 out of pocket.

This forced matrix is 6 level deep and if every level needs 2 months to be filled, than you have earned $575,200.- in one year!
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